Eurycea nerea (Bishop, 1944)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Caudata > Family: Plethodontidae > Subfamily: Hemidactyliinae > Genus: Eurycea > Species: Eurycea nerea

Typhlotriton nereus Bishop, 1944, Copeia, 1944: 1. Holotype: FMNH 93143, by original designation. Type locality: "York Spring, Imboden, Lawrence Co[unty]., Arkansas", USA. Synonymy by

Eurycea nereaPhillips, Fenolio, Emel, and Bonett, 2017, J. Biogeograph., xxx. 

English Names

Spring Blind Salamander (Schmidt, 1953, Check List N. Am. Amph. Rept., Ed. 6: 44),

Spring Grotto Salamander (Conant, Cagle, Goin, Lowe, Neill, Netting, Schmidt, Shaw, Stebbins, and Bogert, 1956, Copeia, 1956: 176).


Southern Ozark Plateau of Missouri and adjacent northern Arkansas, USA. 


Removed from the synonymy of Eurycea spelaea by Phillips, Fenolio, Emel, and Bonett, 2017, J. Biogeograph., xxx (early online), where it had been placed by Brandon, 1966, Copeia, 1966: 555-561, and Smith, 1968, Wasmann J. Biol., 26: 156. See Eurycea spelaea record for relevant literature. 

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