Theloderma rhododiscus (Liu and Hu, 1962)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Rhacophoridae > Subfamily: Rhacophorinae > Genus: Theloderma > Species: Theloderma rhododiscus

Philautus rhododiscus Liu and Hu, 1962, Acta Zool. Sinica, 14 (Supplement): 73, 98, 104. Holotype: CIB 601818, by original designation. Type locality: "Yang-liu-chung, Yaoshan, altitude 1350 m, Kwangsi [= Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region]", China.

Philautus (Philautus) rhododiscusBossuyt and Dubois, 2001, Zeylanica, 6: 53.

Theloderma rhododiscusYu, Rao, Yang, and Zhang, 2007, Zool. Res., Kunming, 28: 437-442.

Aquixalus rhododiscusFei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 725.

Theloderma (Theloderma) rhododiscum — Poyarkov, Orlov, Moiseeva, Pawangkhanant, Ruangsuwan, Vassilieva, Galoyan, Nguyen, and Gogoleva, 2015, Russ. J. Herpetol., 22: 276. Gender correction in error. Art. 34.2.1 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999) requires that rhododiscus be treated as a noun in apposition (K. Kunz, personal commun. to DRF on 12 Jan 2016). 

English Names

Chinese Bubble-nest Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 112 [as Philautus rhododiscus]).

Red-disked Small Treefrog (Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 262).


Isolated populations in southern Hunan to Guangdong, central Guangxi and northern Fujian, China, and expected in Guizhou, Hainan, and Jiangxi; northern montane Vietnam.


Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 262-263, provided a brief account, figure, and map (as Philautus rhododiscus). Zhang and Wen, 2000, Amph. Guangxi: 122, provided an account for Guangxi (as Philautus rhododiscus). Bain and Nguyen, 2004, Am. Mus. Novit., 3453: 26-27, provided the record (as Philautus rhododiscus) for Ha Giang Province, Vietnam. Yu, Rao, Yang, and Zhang, 2008, Zool. J. Linn. Soc., 153: 733-749, provided evidence consistent with the transfer of Philautus rhododiscus to Theloderma. See statement of geographic range, habitat, and conservation status (as Philautus rhododiscus) in Stuart, Hoffmann, Chanson, Cox, Berridge, Ramani, and Young, 2008, Threatened Amph. World: 634. Fei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 725-727, provided an account (as Aquixalus rhododiscus) and a spot map. Wiens, Sukumaran, Pyron, and Brown, 2009, Evolution, 63: 1217-1231, corroborated the placement of this species in Theloderma. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010, Colored Atlas of Chinese Amph.: 438, provided a brief account (as Aquixalus rhododiscus) including photographs of specimens. Li, Chen, Li, Lv, and Wang, 2011, Asian Herpetol. Res., Ser. 2, 2: 136, provided photographs of the holotype. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 524, provided an account, photographs, and a range map for China. Hou, Yu, Chen, Liao, Zhang, Chen, Li, and Orlov, 2017, Russ. J. Herpetol., 24: 119–120, discussed the range in China. Li, 2011, Amph. Rept. Guangdong: 68, provided a brief account, as Aquixalus rhododiscus, for Guangdong, China, and photograph.      

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