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February 9, 2002 through March 22, 2002

Dispatches From The Field * Where Are They? * Why Are They Doing This? * Bloodfeeding * Research In The Leech Lab

Dr. Mark Siddall, a curator in the Division of invertebrate Zoology, and his assistant Liz Borda are on expedition in the rainforests of Madagascar and the Seychelles in search of endemic species of terrestrial leeches.
Follow their progress on-line as they roll up their pant legs relishing the wormy scourges of Old World jungles. As satellite time permits, Mark, Liz and their Malagasy research team, will be updating this web site with real-time dispatches of their encounters and experiences.

Supported by the Niarchos Foundation

and by the National Science Foundation's Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy Program