Isles de Salut (incl. Devil's Island)

Emerald Jungle Village

Crique Gabrielle

a lizard becomes self aware

Anolis marmoratus

Trad. Fishing boats on Crique Gabrielle

Mist on the inland jungle

Inside inland jungle

Black Water in the jungles

Nasty plant


Heliconia richardiana

Mark collecting in inland blackwater - unsuccessful.

Sue in guava

Ant bites

Nasty reaction to tree resins

Crique Yiyi

Waist deep in the Moucou-moucou

Paddling deep into the marshes

Starled Jacana bird

Pripri Yiyi

Spider snacking

The traditional method of leech collecting


Haementeria ghilianii

... and as big as it gets

Dorsal color pattern

Dissected open to reveal mycetomes

(M)-mycetomes; (P)-proboscis; (S)-salivary glands

bacteria in the mycetomes