Astronomy outreach programs are a gateway to inspiring the next generation of scientists and mathematicians. In areas which are economically challenged, science centers, museums, and after school clubs play a critical role in developing such programs. Since 2001, I have been actively involved in both formal and informal public outreach opportunities in New York City. From teaching within the NYC school district using a moveable museum, to designing and delivering Astronomy related talks using state of the art visualizations at the Hayden Planetarium, I have constantly put outreach as an important aspect of my professional career. Highlights to my outreach contributions include:

The success of the Hetu'u Global School Network (a coordinated effort to join together hundreds of school children across the globe watching the June 5th/6th transit of Venus--from 6 continents and 10 countries--) has led to the publication of an article in the Astronomy Education Review (AER) regarding how we measured the distance to the Sun. The Hetu'u Global School Group Network: Measuring the Distance to the Sun Using the June 5th/6th Transit of Venus

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