Namazonurus contains five species, all well-armored and restricted to the western semi-arid regions of South Africa and Namibia. They possess enlarged, tubular supranasals and females lack femoral pores, perhaps a result of life in an arid environment. One species, N.peersi, is melanistic and loosely colonial.


Common names: Nama lizards, Namaqualand girdled lizards

Habitat: Rupicolous

Range: Namibia and the Northern cape.

Reproduction: viviparous (1-8 offspring)

Diet: Insects and small vertebrates


N. campbelli (FitzSimons, 1938)

N. lawrenci (FitzSimons, 1939)

N. namaquensis (Methuen and Hewitt, 1914)

N. peersi (Hewitt, 1932)

N. pustulatus (Peters, 1879)


Stanley et al. 2011