Argentina - May 2005
Off to work I go.... to the Museo De La Plata (MLP). Leech Collection at the MLP
Hard at work Models of the nervous and reproductive systems (above) and digestive system (below) of a leech at MLP.
Leech jaws model at MLP
Vertebrate hall at MLP
Giving a talk at the Universidad Nacional
de Buenos Aires

Streets of Buenos Aires (BA)

Mark out on the town in BA
Need I say anymore.
Package o'empanadas con vino
The colorful town of La Boca
Off to the north: Esteros de Ibera and Iguazu
Laguna Ibera
Friendly caiman
Leeching with Frank and Mark
We found the motherload....(on Mark's foot)
Capivara - an oversized Guinea pig :)
Familia de capivaras
Lazy dogs
Mark is so brave!
Otro sapo
Senior Frank
Some culebra (snake)
Otra culebra.
Snake X-ing
 Entering National Park Iguazu
Las Cataratas de Iguazu...
I love this place!!
Pretty mariposa
What the @$%#&*!?
Ruinas de Missiones