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The Southwestern Research Station is operated by the American Museum of Natural History, a nonprofit research and educational institution.  All income from fees is used to help defray the operating costs of the Station. The Museum subsidizes scientific research at the Station by assuming annual deficits and investing in capital improvements. 


The Station provides lodging for visiting researchers in private or shared rooms.  Meals are included with the price of lodging, and are provided in a common dining room. 


Researcher Rates

To qualify for researcher rates, you must have a research application and proposal on file or be listed as a research assistant on a researcher’s application.

Meal Fees are mandatory during the season 1 March – 31 October

  Lodging Meals 1Station Fees Total Fees


Shared Cabin

$26.00 $26.00 $9.00 $61.00


2Private cabin 1-13 (If available)

$35.00 $26.00 $9.00 $70.00


Private cabin 15-16 with kitchen (If available)
$50.00 $26.00 $9.00 $85.00

Student Researcher

Must be in a Degree Seeking Program

$16.00 $26.00 $9.00 3$51.00



$12.00 $26.00 $9.00 $47.00


Accompanying individuals

Meal Fees are mandatory during the season 1 March – 31 October


  Lodging Meals Station Fees Total Fees
Additional Non-Researcher Adult

Ages 16 or older

$34.00 $32.00   $66.00

Ages 4-15

$16.00 $16.00   $32.00

Under 4



1 Station Fees include use of the labs, science facilities, and/or conference room.

2 Private is defined as not sharing your room with anyone outside your party.

3 Student subsidies are available. Please click here for applications and eligibility.

4 A limited number of campers are allowed on station grounds; call to check on availability.  Campers must bring their own bath towels and sleeping linen.


Internet:  The labs are wired for ADSL and wireless is available in most station locations.  A computer room is available for researchers that do not bring their own laptops.  The cost of internet is $5.00 per week or any time period less than one week.




Winter Rates* (November 1 - February 28)


Person/Per Night

Researcher with active project; rooms 1-13 no kitchens $50.00
Researcher with active project; rooms 15-16 with kitchen $70.00
Each Additional Person in room $10.00


*Winter rates do not include meals. However, accommodations with kitchens are available and a restaurant is located within five miles of the station.




Researchers are requested to apply to the Station for accommodations well in advance of their anticipated time of arrival.   Please indicate in writing or by phone your first meal to be taken on arrival.  Accommodations are mostly rooms with 4 or 5 single beds, and bathroom with shower.  (If you reserve the room as a private room, you will be the only one(s) in that room.)  All linens are supplied.  Rooms do not have televisions or telephones (see below).  A swimming pool is available for guest use, as are washers and a dryer and a common-use refrigerator.  Only researchers staying in excess of one week may use the laundry facility.




Meals are served promptly at 7:30 am, 12:00 noon, and 6:00 pm. Guests eat family style in the dining room or at outside picnic tables. Vegetarian meals are available with advance notice. Also, with 24-hour notice sack lunches can be provided.  For hardy early-birds who would rather be in the field at 7:30, a self-serve cold breakfast of cereal and juice can be arranged the night before with the cook and can be taken anytime before 6:30 am.  The dining hall is closed between meals.




By 11:00 am for lunch arrival

By 4:00 pm for dinner arrival




All invoices must be paid within 90 days of receipt.  After 90 days of non-payment, a one percent per month service charge will accrue. 



Other Useful Information:

  • Personal and traveler's checks are accepted, as well as, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.

  • Pets are not permitted.

  • Arizona does not go on daylight savings time; during the winter and summer.

    We are on Mountain Standard Time (in the summer, this is the equivalent of

    Pacific Daylight Savings Time).

  • Two public telephones are available at the Station for outgoing or

    prearranged incoming phone calls-520-558-2265; 558-2269.  Guests cannot be

    reached through the main Station number, 520-558-2396, except in real


  • Internet access is available for a fee, $5/week, or less

  • Driving time from Tucson is three hours. Click here for directions and a map.

  • Feel free to call for more information!