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Welcome to the SWRS Web Site


Vision Statement: The Southwestern Research Station aspires to add to the existing diversity and strengths of the American Museum of Natural History by providing scientists and educators from the Museum and other institutions across the country and around the world the opportunity to participate in research, workshops, and classes in one of the most biologically rich environments in the United States.  The Station seeks to face the challenges of the future by promoting knowledge and understanding of our ever changing world and by evolving to meet the current needs of individuals and groups that strive to conserve the world’s biodiversity – all through the benefits of an outdoor laboratory that enhances research and education.


Announcements and Job Postings


Become a Friend of the Southwestern Research Station.  Click here to find out how!


Lodging Available for Birders, Hikers, and all Naturalists interested in exploring the vast diversity of the Chiricahua Mountains!  Click here for details on accommodations.




Birding/Naturalists Tours:

The Southwestern Research Station, located 5 miles from Portal, AZ, is hosting 6 day/5 night birding tours in Cave Creek Canyon, an area of high bird species diversity.  Each trip is limited to 10 persons or 5 couples.   Registration for tours close one month prior to tour date. 

Want more information?  Click HERE for more information about accommodations at the SWRS and our tour dates for 2008.


Volunteer Positions:

Thirty to forty volunteer positions are open each year at the American Museum of Natural History's Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona. Volunteers are needed between March 1 and Nov 1. Appointments are for part of this period, with a minimum appointment of six weeks. For more information and an application click here


Course Schedule for 2008:

Animal Behavior in the Chiricahua Mountains.  The next course is scheduled for summer 2009. 

SPECIES MODELING COURSE   The next course is scheduled for April 2009. 

REMOTE SENSING COURSE  The next course is scheduled for TBA

Click here for more information on these courses and other courses offered at the SWRS.