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The SWRS Student Support Fund


This fund offers graduate students in biological sciences the opportunity to further their studies in field research at the Southwestern Research Station.  Your support makes this program possible.  If you are interested in supporting the research of a young scientist, you can make a donation to the SWRS Student Support Fund.  Your contributions are important – they help young scientists in the beginning years of their research.  To download a donation form, click on the link below.


The SWRS Special Fund

The SWRS provides scientists, educators, and students from across the country and around the world the opportunity to participate in research, workshops, and classes in one of the most biologically rich environments in the United States.

Your generous support plays a vital role in enabling us to maintain our programs and facilities. 

Your donations have allowed us to:

  • Install an underground irrigation system using recycled water from our new constructed wetland

  • Refurbish our reservoir -- which is a major source of water for bats and other animals of the area

  • Purchase additional microscopes for use by students in courses and workshops

  • Develop new programs and courses

Your tax-deductible contribution to the SWRS [a 501(c)(3)] will help us meet our long range goals of continuing to foster science that focuses on the abundant biodiversity of the Chiricahua Mountains.

Your gift will also allow us to advance both our research and educational objectives by enhancing our technology infrastructure, becoming a “green” model for the surrounding community, and providing students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience.