»  Current Research Projects 2014

Current Research Projects 2014

Bayless, Mylea; 6/4/14 – 6/8/14; Bat Conservation International; 2 nights of Mist-Netting and Species Identification; Email:  mbayless@batcon.org
Cox, Madison; 6/1/14 – 6/9/14;  University of Puget Sound; Investigating sex differences in cloacal and intestinal microbial assemblages of Sceloporus virgatus with next generation sequencing;  Email: mscox@pugetsound.edu
D’Orgeix, Christian; 7/5/14 – 7/16/14; Virginia State University; Comparison of Gene Flow and Evolutionary History Patterns in Three Sympatric Species of Lizards:  Sceloporus slevini, S. virgatus and S. jarrovi
Drury, Jonathan;  4/16/14 – 4/30/14;  University of California, Los Angeles; Reproductive Interference and InterspecificTerritoriality in Rubyspot Damselflies.  Email: druryj@ucla.edu
Eriksson, Ti; 7/7/14 – 7/28/14; Arizona State University; Colony Founding Strategy of the Honey Ant Myrmecocystus Mendax Wheeler (Hymenopters:Formicidae).  Email: th3@asu.edu
Fallon, Beth; 4/30/14 – 5/14/14 & 10/24/14 – 10/31/14; University of Minnesota; Influence of Physiological Tolerances on Habitat Partitioning and Past Migration Patterns in the Oaks (Quercus) of the Mountains of Southeastern Arizona;  Email: eafallon@umn.edu
Gordon, Deborah M.; 8/12/14 - 9/1/14; Stanford University; Behavioral Ecology of  Harvester Ants; Email:  DMGordon@stanford.edu ;  http://www.stanford.edu/~dmgordon
Greene, Michael J.;  8/12/14 – 8/20/14; University of Colorado Denver; Chemical Recognition Cues of Harvester Ants. Email: michael.greene@ucdenver.edu 
Kahrl, Ariel; 5/14/14-5/21/14;  University of Virginia; Evolution of sperm morphology, Project 2 – Sex difference in the response to testosterone.  Email:  afk7df@virginia.edu
Jablonski, Piotr; 1/11/14 – 2/18/14; Polish Academy of Sciences and Seoul National University; Perception of weight by Mexican Jays, Aphelocoma ultramarina in their natural habitat. 
Kelly, McKenna; 2/25/14 – 6/18/14; Cornell University; The Neurobiology of Cooperative Breeding in Birds; Email:  emkelly2@gmail.com  
LaVictoire, Tony; 3/24/2014-8/31/2014; Mexican Spotted Owl population monitoring, observation only.
Martin, Ryan; 7/14/14 – 8/17/14; Case Western Reserve University; Dept. of Biology; Ecological Character Displacement, Ecosystem Process and Community Structure;  Email: ryan.a.martin@case.edu
Merrell, Andrew; 8/13/14 – 8/20/14; Stanford University; Colony-Level Foraging Behavior of Harvester Ants Pogonomyrmex;  Email: amerrell@stanford.edu
Middendorf, George; 7/2/14 – 7/25/14; Howard University; Behavioral Ecology of  Sceloporus Jarrovii and other Sympatric Lizards.  Email: gmiddendorf@gmail.com
Neiman, Trent J.; 5/19/14 – 6/19/14;  University of Puget Sound;  Behavioral Syndromes and their plasticity in the Striped Plateaur Laxard, Sceloporus virgatus;  Email: tneiman@pugetsound.edu
Paterson, James; 5/17/14 – 7/2/14; University of Ottawa; Department of Biology; Habitat Selection in Lizards; Effects of Density, Food, and Thermal Quality.  Email: jpate066@uottawa.ca
Patterson, Lucy; 5/17/14 – 7/2/14; University of Ottowa, Department of Biology; Fitness Consequences of Habitat Selection in Sceloporus Jarrovii; Email:  lpatt100@uottowa.ca
Pfennig, David; 7/10/14 – 8/12/14;  University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill;  Evolution and Development of Character Displacement using Spadefoot  Toads as a Model System; 
Pfennig, Karin; 7/10/14 – 8/12/14; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Mate Choice and Hybridization in Spadefoot Toads; Email:  kpfennig@unc.edu  ;   http://labs.bio.unc.edu/kpfennig/
Serrato-Capuchina, Gerardo Antonio; 6/26/14 – 8/20/14; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Quantifying Gene Expression Changes Between Populations of Spea Bombifrons; email: gaserrat@email.unc.edu
Schnell, Eric; 5/19/14 – 6/9/2014; University of Puget Sound; Chemical Signals of the Striped Plateau Lizard (Sceloporus virgatus): Detection of Skin Lipids and Substrate Deposited Pheromones;  Email: eschnell@pugetsound.edu
Sherbrooke, Wade; 5/29/14 – 6/5/14;  Emeritus American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York.  Horned Lizard Defenses;  Email: wcs@amnh.org
Starmer, William; 5/14/14 – 5/19/14;  Syracuse University;  Speciation in Cactus Flower Beetle Yeasts; 
Steck, Meredity; 8/9/14 – 8/16/14; University of Minnesota; The Relative Influences of Resource Diversity, Neural Constraints and Evolutionary History on Individual Specialization of Manduca quinquemaculata Moth;
Tyburec, Janet;  5/8/14 – 5/24/14;  Bat Conservation Management; Using Accoustic Monitoring to Correlate Bat Activity with Temperature and Evaluation in Sky Island Ecosystems;  Email:  jtyburec@mac.com
Weiss, Stacey; 5/19/14 – 6/8/14; University of Puget Sound.  Effect of Fire on the Ecology of the Striped Plateau Lizard, Sceloporus virgatus, and the Communication Function of the Female Striped Plateau Lizards’ Chemical Signals; Email: sweiss@ups.edu;  http://www.pugetsound.edu/faculty
Wilson, Keaton; 7/10/14-8/20/14; University of Montana; Behavioral Preference and learning in parasitoids of M. Sexta.  Email: keatonwilson@me.com