Join us for our 2015 Summer Course - 24 July through 2 August

During this 9-night course, participants will gain knowledge on the outstanding biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles found in a wide diversity of habitats throughout southeastern Arizona and parts of southwestern New Mexico.
Participants will obtain hands-on experience in amphibian and reptile identification, collecting and marking techniques, and data documentation. 
The course is designed for students, conservation biologists, and other individuals who have a background in biology at the college level.  It will emphasize taxonomy, ecology, and field identification of reptiles and amphibians of southeastern Arizona and parts of southwestern New Mexico.  The course will include lectures, field trips, and labs.  However, field trips will be a major part of the course. Students will visit a wide diversity of habitat types ranging from mountains tops to desert.
Collection of specimens during the course will be confined to instructors; no private collecting is permitted.
You must be 18 years older to register for this course.






Preferred methods of payment are personal check, traveler's checks, certified check, or money order, made payable to SWRS.  We prefer that if you need to use a credit card, please purchase a certified check, traveler's checks, or money order with your credit card (call 520-558-2396 for more information).

If you reside outside the United States, please submit your payment in the form of a certified check, money order, or bank transfer in the net amount of your fees in U.S. Dollars. Please contact the Station to obtain details for a bank transfer to SWRS.
Transportation costs between home and Tucson (air) and the SWRS (auto) are to be borne by all participants. As participants register, we will send out email addresses so that participants can contact each other to carpool to and from the station.