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AMNH Research Webserver User Guide

This document describes the usage policies and environment of the AMNH Research webservers: research.amnh.org and research-staging.amnh.org. The research department webservers are maintained jointly by the Scientific Web Applications group of the Science Divisions and by the Systems Administration group of IT, on behalf of all of the science departments at the Museum. Research Informatics handles the applications (webserver, database, and so on) and Systems handles most of the system administration (operating system, hardware, etc).

Scientific Web Applications does not administer the public webservers (www, etc.), mailservers, filesharing servers, or any other systems that are not for serving web content. In the case of accessing the servers from outside of the Museum network, however, please note that you need to contact the IT Department Call Center.

Another realm of responsiblity pertaining specifically to networking an network security is that of Network Systems. If you need an an account on the AMNH network (for example, in the case of a new employee or associate) you need to get your department's approval and file a ticket with the Call Center so that Network Systems can grant you access to the network. Likewise, there are some topics, such as domain registration and security, that are matters for Network Systems.

So, in general:

  • If you have a question or issue that has specifically to do with a science department website, please read this document and contact us if you require assistance.
  • Anything else is probably best directed to the Call Center. They will forward your query to the appropriate person, and if it does turn out to be a matter for Scientific Web Applications, it will end up with us.
  • If you're uncertain as to which department should handle your inquiry, feel free to contact us for assistance and we will help you determine what to do.