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Scheduler End-User Commands

Monitoring Jobs

After creating your job script, use the msub command to submit it to the scheduler
msub -l nodes=N:ppn=np jobscript

The state of a job after submission can be:active, idle, blocked or deferred. The following table lists scheduler commands that are available to end-users.

  1. Active jobs are started
  2. Idle jobs are eligble to run, but resources are not available
  3. Blocked jobs are not being considered to run likely due to policy violations. These jobs will eventually be moved to the idle state.
  4. Deferred jobs have a batch hold due to a request for a type or amount of resources that do not exist on the system. These jobs will not run.
Moab End-User Commands
Command Description
msub Submit a job
canceljob jobID Cancels existing job
checkjob   Displays job state, resource requirements, environment, constraints, history allocated resources
 setres  Creates a user reservation
releaseres   Releases a user reservation
 showbf  Shows resource availability for jobs with specific resource requirements
showstart   Displays detailed prioritized list of active and idle jobs
showq   Show estimated start time for idle jobs
showstats   Shows detailed usage statistics for users, groups and accounts.