• Dr. Barnum Brown made a short reconnaissance trip to the Permian and Pleistocene fields of Baylor and Archer Co.'s, and to the Cretaceous exposures of Dallas Co., TX. Dr. Simpson conducted his expedition, sponsored by Mr. Horace Scarritt, into the Fort Union beds of Sweetgrass Co., MT. Mr. Albert C. Silberling was his assistant. He is a veteran Fort Union collector from Harlowtown. Curator Walter Granger and preparator Albert Thomson spent the latter part of the season with the party as guests. The party was in the field from June 1st to Oct. 1st. The majority of this season's collection came from Gidley Quarry, but a new quarry was opened at a level 2,000 feet higher in the formation and some 50 jaws obtained from it. Altogether some 650 mammal jaws and many hundred isolated teeth were obtained.