• Dr. W. D. Matthew resigned from scientific staff in June, after 31 years service in this department, to become Prof. Of Paleontology at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. G. G Simpson, graduate of Yale Univ., was appointed Assistant Curator of Fossil Mammals on Nov. 1st. Acquisition. A large and important collection of Florida Pleistocene fossils was presented to the museum by Mr. Walter W. Holmes. A rare collection of fossil mammal foot prints were purchased—an unusual series, impressed in limestone, representing cats, tapir, camel and deer, collected by H, H, Nininger near Cornville, AZ. Field Work. Mr. Fricks parties continued exploration in California, New Mexico and Arizona. The Barstow, CA, was in charge of Mr. Rak; Santa Fe, NM, Quaternary to Miocene, in charge of Mr. Rak, assisted by Mr. Falkenbach and others, and Keams Canyon, AZ, Pliocene, in charge of Mr. Blick, assisted by Mr. Christman and Mr. Christman, Jr. At this site a fine skull of a giant species of camel was found. Mr. Barnum Brown conducted reconnaissance work in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. In Montana he discovered a dinosaur skeleton and re-covered it for future excavation. He secured a representative collection of a new Eocene microfauna in a coal mine at Hinton, MT. In NM he visited the important locality near Folsom, where the Colorado Museum of Natural History has excavated several skeleton of an extinct species of Pleistocene bison associated with prehistoric artifacts, and uncovered the 5th stone implement. Arrangements were made with Colorado Museum to secure a large male and female bison skeleton. Mr. Albert Thomson spent his 7th season in the Snake Creek Pliocene and Sheep Creek Miocene excavating in western Nebraska, completing this part of the museums explorations. He was assisted by Mr. Streeter. Carl Sorensen represented the American Museum on a joint expedition with the Colorado Museum in the late Tertiary deposits of western Nebraska. This was the Pliocene deposits of Chadron NE. The party finished the season at Ainsworth NE, were they completed an excavation of an Aphelops. They packed and shipped a large collection jointly purchased by The American Museum and Colorado Museum from 2 local collectors, Messrs. Skinner and Quinn. There was also the acquisition of Miocene fossils from Harrison, NE, through Mr. Miller at Chicago University.