American Museum of Natural History
Division of Paleontology
Archived Portraits of Paleontologists and Members of Staff

              Henry Fairfield Osborn Founder and Curator
William Diller Matthew Curator of Fossil Mammals
William King Gregory Curator
Bobb Schaeffer Curator of Fossil Fish
George Gaylord Simpson Curator of Fossil Mammals
Edwin H. Colbert Curator of Fossil Reptiles
Charles H. Falkenbach
Horace E. Wood
Elwyn Simons
John Ostrom
Paul O. McGrew
Donald Baird
Chung Chien Young
Robert Broom
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Father Edouard Bone
P.E.P. Deranlyagala
R. Stirton
William E. Swinton
Chester A. Stock
Ronald Singer
Louis Thaler
Charles R. Knight
Erwin S. Christman
Florence Wood
Elizabeth Rungius Fulda
A. E. Anderson
Chester Tarka
Michael Insinna
Carl Sorenson
Max Hecht
Giles T. McIntyre
George O. Whitaker
David Bardock
Maurice Wallace
Louis Monaco
William E. Fish
Walter Sorenson
Samuel McDowell
Peter C. Kaisen
Charles Craig Mook
George Olsen
David Bardack
Richard Van Frank
Gil Stucker
Judith Pravda
David B. Kitts
Pete Rona
Arnod Lewis
Tilly Edinger
Ralph R. Hornell