The American Museum Of Natural History

1914 Cretaceous of Montana

The party consisted of Brown in charge, P. C. Kaisen, Bob Reid and A. F. Johnson, assistants and C. S. Price, cook. Mr. Kaisen left New York first, going into camp June 8th at the mouth of Sand Creek, the locality of last years camp and point of convenience to the best exposures 10 miles below Steveville. Mr. Johnson joined him on June 10th and on June 20th Price and Reid left Tolman by canoe, reaching camp June 24th. Brown arrived in camp on July 24th. Brown on the way out stopped to investigate a reported skeleton, that proved to be mythical. He found some Belly River exposures South and Northeast of Irvine, where dinosaur bones and teeth were found but not numerous. In the overlying Bear-paw South of Irving he saw plesiosaur vertebrae and a badly weathered mosasaur skeleton. Near Sand Creek in the past season they had located 4 good looking prospects. The men began working on those, and they proved to be nearly complete skeletons of Deinodon, Corythosaurus, Monoclonius and Ankylosaurus. During this work 4 other skeletons of Ornithomimus, Kritosaurs, Monoclonius and Deinodon. These 8 skeletons can be used as exhibition specimens.



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