The American Museum Of Natural History

1906 Eocene of Wyoming

Mr. Granger was in charge of the party. Mr. Paul C. Miller of the museum was his assistant and George Olsen of Laramie, Wyoming was Cook and teamster . Mr. Granger and Miller arrived in Fort Bridger on June 9th. They were met by Mr. Olsen, who had gotten the outfit ready and done some collecting on Little Dry Creek. On June 19th the outfit left the Taylor ranch for Bear River. The first working camp was established on Stowe Creek, between Knight station on the U.P.R.R. and Bear River, some 10 or 11 miles SE of Evanston. After a weeks work at the camp the party returned to the Bridger Basin and stopped 2 days at Mountain View. From June 25th to July 5th a camp was maintained on Cottonwood Creek about 3 miles below Henry's Fork stage road. This was followed by 6 days at Butcher's Knife Spring and 5 days at Antelope Spring (between Butcher Knife and Meadow Spring). From July 17th to 21st work was carried out in the vicinity of Granger, Wyoming from a camp on the edge of town and on July 22nd the Bridger Basin was left for good. Following the railroad the party proceeded eastward and entered Washakie County by way of Bitter Creek on July 27th. Working camps were made at the old Kinney ranch, Shell Creek (10 miles below Kinney ranch), Le Clede Springs, Overland Trail, 5 miles East of Le Clede station where the trail goes through the Lower Brown sandstone, and lastly along the same Trail about a mile West of Tadpole Station. On Oct. 8th camp was broken up for the season. Mr. Olsen returned to the museum with the rest of the party.



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