The American Museum Of Natural History

1906 Miocene of South Dakota

Expedition of 1906 to the Miocene on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD., by Albert Thomson. Thomson reached Rapid City on June 4th. On June 14th Dr. W. D. Matthew joined the party and Mr. Halisey was hired as cook and teamster. Entering the Pine Ridge Reservation on the divide between Cheyenne and White Rivers, they crossed the White River and followed up Wounded Knee Creek for a distance of 29 miles where they made their first camp in the Miocene beds. They spent 4 days collecting with good results. They then moved camp to Porcupine Creek near Porcupine P. O. where they remained until the end of the season. With a light team and wagon they were able to work the country around for a radius of 20 miles. During the early part of the season, good luck was with them and they came across nearly all the good pockets in the Upper and Lower Rosebud beds. On July 26th Dr. Matthew returned to New York City. Mr. W. K. Gregory of the AMNH joined the party on Aug. 1st and remained until the close of the season.



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