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1903 Jurassic of Montana

Expedition to South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The work assigned to Barnum Brown was investigating the Niobrara Cretaceous near Edgemont, South Dakota and a reconnaissance of the Jurassic flanking the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming and Montana, he hired Mr. L. R. Parkin as an assistant. It was during this trip that he attened the 1903 Crow Nation Pow-Wow in Pryor, Montana. Brown collect a number of plesiosaurs, mosasaurs and even a pterosaur skeleton, and marked specimens for another season. Mr. Brown did a hasty survey of the Jurassic of the southern face of the Big Horn. He drove to the Middle Fork of the Powder River, where Mr. Utterback was working on a Diplodocus for Carnegie Museum. Returning to Sheridan, Brown rented an outfit, started North to follow the exposure and connect with the past year's exploration. On Beauvais Creek he found the best exposures, where the beds are least disturbed, nearly horizontal. Near Mr. Cashen' house Brown opened up 3 quarries. Three miles East of Mr. Cashen's house Brown found 4 limbs of a large Morosaur in good condition. Near the Morosaur Brown found a side hill were numerous bones were weathering out. North of Beauvais Creek the Jurassic is covered with shales identified as Fort Benton, which contains some good fossils. About 5 miles from Cashen's a skull and part of a vertebral column of a plesiosaur was found. This ended the seasons work in Montana.



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