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1902 Jurassic of Wyoming

Mr. Granger and Mr. Kaisen left the museum on June 16th. They reached the Medicine Bow station on June 22nd. The outfit was taken from Mr. Beery's ranch where it had been stored for the winter. Mr. George Olsen was employed as cook and teamster and quarry assistant and remained with the outfit until the shipment of fossil early in December. It was thought advisable to work Reed Quarry early in the season, as the water in Rock Creek becomes undrinkable by September. A new stripping was made at Reed Quarry and bones were taken out until the arrival of Dr. Matthew on Aug. 3rd. On Aug. 6th, Dr. Matthew left with Mr. Granger for a months work in the Bridger Basin under the auspices of the U.S.G.S. Mr. Kaisen remained in charge until Dr. Matthew's return Sept. 2nd. Although the stripping had not all been worked out, it was deemed best to close the quarry at this time and move to Bone Cabin Quarry. On Nov. 2nd, with no promising pocket in site, and with unfavorable weather, camp was broken and the outfit placed at Mr. Beery's ranch again.



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