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1900 Jurassic of Wyoming

At Bone Cabin Quarry work was resumed about June 10th under the direction of Mr. Kaisen, who remained in charge of the camp until the closing of the quarry on September 1st. He was assisted by Dr. F. B. Loomis of Amherst College, from June 23rd to Sept. 13th. Mr. Paul Miller was employed as cook from June 10th to October 1st. Mr. Granger and Mr. Thomson arrived July 5th and lent assistance whenever they were in camp. During the season three strippings were uncovered. A small section was barren, but for the most part the bones occurred in fair abundance and in better quality than former seasons. With very few exceptions all inferior bones were discarded, these were about one third of the total number. None of the soft, blue clay in which the collection of 1898 was encountered was found, the bones occurring in a sandstone of various hardness. A noticeable feature of this collection from Bone Cabin Quarry was the absence of any complete feet and the presence of considerable skull material and parts of small reptiles of the Hallopus type. There is still a small area of the quarry not worked. Mr. Thomson found about Aug. 10th, a very promising prospect in the Como Bluff near the old station of Aurora. After the closing of Bone Cabin Quarry the efforts of the entire party were concentrated upon this specimen, a Diplocaulus, consisted of 7 cervical and 9 dorsal vertebrae and various ribs.



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