The American Museum Of Natural History

1900 Jurassic of South Dakota

G. R. Wieland spent October and November exploring the Jurassic-Cretaceous rim of the Black Hills. On Oct. 8th he was joined by Albert Thomson at Sturgis, South Dakota and several days later by Walter Granger . After preliminary prospecting, Mr. Thomson began working on a Morosaurus and Mr. Granger on a Brontosaurus. Both were located 3 miles South of Sturgis in the Fort Meade Military Reservation. There is a good chance that part of both specimens remain; owing to unfavorable weather the work was stopped. Wieland collected a Camptosaurus femur and small saurian vertebra from a trial excavation, 3 miles North of Piedmont. He also collected portion of shield of an armored dinosaur from the "Calico Canyon", near Buffalo Gap. Wieland sited areas that should be further explored; the most import being the Valley of Belle Fourche. He also report geological and stratrigraphic data.



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