The American Museum Of Natural History

1900 Jurassic of Colorado

Reports of dinosaur remains in southwest Colorado had come to the department at various times. Consequently Mr. Granger and Mr. Thomson left the museum on June 7th and proceeded to Mancos, Colorado. From there they went to Cortez where they got outfitted by Mr. S. P. Thomas, who also acted as a guide for the party. Two outcrops of dinosaurs had previously been seen by members of the department at Montezuma canyon and Mc Elmo canyon. The bones in Mc Elmo canyon were on Mr. Edmunson's Ranch, a few miles from the mouth of the canyon. These consisted of a large humerus, two lower limb bones, some cervical vertebrae and part of a femur, probably from two individuals. They were embedded in an exceedingly hard conglomerate with the ends of the bones badly eroded. Two days of careful prospecting failed to find more than scattered weathered fragments at intervals along the bluff. An attempt was made to examine the Montezuma Canyon, but owing to the scarcity of feed, lack of water and heat, the party was obliged to turn back after the first day. They attempted to prospect in the surrounding areas, but lack of feed, water and extremely hot weather made them abandon the search for the time. Mr. Granger and Thomson then headed back to north to Medicine Bow, Wyoming. Only one picture was captured of this expedition.



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