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1899 Jurassic of Wyoming

Third Expedition to the Jurassic Bone Cabin Quarry of Wyoming. At the close of the previous season, Mr. Kaisen was left in charge of Bone Cabin Quarry with instructions to keep trespassers off and strip as much as possible from the quarry. However, due to the severe winter not much stripping was possible. Mr. Granger left the museum April 25th and went directly to Medicine Bow, headquarters of the expedition and joined Mr. Kaisen. Prof. Richard S. Lull, a volunteer, arrived May 20th. Mr. F. A. Schneider reached camp from the museum early in May and Mr. Al Thomson drove through from Long Pine with part of the museum's outfit, reaching camp May 17th. Dr. W. D. Matthew arrived from the museum late in June. Paul Miller was paid $1.00 a day for three weeks work. Dr. Matthew and Prof. Lull left before the end of the season, which was Oct. 1st. Active operations began in the Bone Cabin Quarry upon the arrival of Mr. Granger and continued until the last week of September. On June 20th a quarry containing an incomplete Brontosaurus skeleton was opened up near Nine Mile Crossing of Little Medicine Creek and about five miles Southwest of Bone Cabin Quarry. The locality was called Nine Mile Quarry. Dr. Matthew, Prof. Lull, Mr. Kaisen and Mr. Kaisen and Mr. Granger spent nearly 5 weeks working out this specimen. Two freight cars were loaded and sent to the museum with Jurassic dinosaur specimens, a fossil crocodylian and a more or less complete Baptanodon taken from marine beds in the vicinity of Bone Cabin Quarry.



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