Holocene Epoch (11,700 years ago – present day)

We are currently living in the Holocene epoch. The Holocene is a brief flash of time compared to previous epochs and is, in reality, just an interglacial period of the current ice age. All of recorded human history has occurred entirely within the Holocene.

The Holocene is an unfinished chapter of the Cenozoic. Observers in the future will probably identify the Holocene as the time period when human occupation was the dominant feature of the Earth’s biota. The fossil record of the Holocene will no doubt reveal that humans had a dramatic impact on the earth's climate, floras, and faunas.

In addition to domestic horses, numerous perissodactyls, such as zebras, tapirs and a variety of other rhinos species are still alive today in the tropics. However, they are just a tiny portion of the past diversity of perissodactyls. Will any of these species, or their descendents, live on in epochs yet to come, or will the Holocene be when perissodactyls finally become extinct? 

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