The American Museum Of Natural History

Henry F. Osborn 1896

This is a little fun notebook kept by Dr. Henry F. Osborn on a cruise to Alaska with the naturalist John Muir, in 1896. The notebook includes little stories like this one: "Ageuttemau (Horsecar designer) of New York came up to him one evening and asked "how do you get a living wandering about as you do. I don't see how you support yourself." [John] Muir took these questions very good naturedly but was somewhat mettled came to the rescue asking the man how he got a living. The next evening the same person whom Muir had nicknamed the Emphasis from his very elaborate way of telling commonplaces pointed out a 'wee' glacier at the summit of one the hills in Carroll's inlet and asked about it: "Poor little wee glacier" said Mr Muir "I wonder how it gets its living.""