The American Museum Of Natural History

J.W. Gidley 1894

The White River Expedition was started by J.W. Gidley in March and joined by Mr. Peterson in April, who had spent the winter in Utah. The expedition was joined later by Dr. Wortman and Mr. Granger, from the Dept. of Mammals and Birds. They had first gone to Kansas to examine a Pliocene site said to be rich in mammoths, but the report proved to be exaggerated. A number of perfect mammoth teeth were purchased from Mr. Sternberg, the discoverer of the locality. By May the party was assembled, including Tom Nelson, the cook and teamster, at the camp in the badlands near the Cheyenne River. They worked with great vigor until the middle of July. The Hat Creek Expedition. This expedition was undertaken for the completion of the large Titanothere skeleton. Dr. Wortman, Mr. Gidley and Tom Nelson. They worked for 7 weeks. Mr. Gidley returned to winter quarters in the Black hills with the outfit for the winter.



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