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Glasgow Montana

July 2nd 1910

My dear Dr. Matthew:

I enclosed two letters and photos of a bison skull sent by a Mr. Burns. This is in answer to a letter handed to me by Prof. Osborn. I have answered the letters saying that the skull is recent but send it to you for verification. You had best write him a short letter also.

I arrived yesterday and will research camp tomorrow evening if the horses do not melt on the road. It has been 112 in the shade here with an oven like blast of wind that has cooked most of the vegetation.

I spent two days in Ottawa getting valuable information about the river and formations in Alberta from Mr. Lambe and incidentally pieced some fragments on the Centrosaurs skull that materially damages its appearance. They have some very interesting material in Ottawa from the Judith River formation on the Red Deer River. I am sure we are on the right track to get fine exhibition material. He knows very little about preserving or collecting such poorly preserved specimens and I am anxious to get into that field.

Pete is in camp but I have no letter from him since he left here. He found it difficult to secure a cook. The man he secured finally has a good record.

Mr. Willis lives in Glasgow at present I have not seen him yet. Our camp is located near his ranch.

Will write how the work has progressed as soon as I reach camp.

Sincerely Yours,

Barnum Brown

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