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Cat.No. Species Authority Type Image?
(details)   Amblycotis alpinus Linnavuori, 1973 Holotype Yes
(details)   Aneuides ilaira Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Asiracemus linnavuorii Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Calligypona bella Linnavuori, 1964 Holotype Yes
(details)   Calligypona isis Linnavuori, 1958 Holotype No
(details)   Calligypona maculipennis Linnavuori, 1962 Holotype Yes
(details)   Calligypona obtusangula Linnavuori, 1957 Holotype No
(details)   Calligypona ornatipennis Linnavuori, 1962 Holotype No
(details)   Calligypona simillima Linnavuori, 1968 Holotype Yes
(details)   Cemus hipponax Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Cemus viator Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Delphacodes mardininae Muir, 1917 Holotype Yes
(details)   Delphacodes nigrifacies Muir, 1917 Holotype Yes
(details)   Euidastor milonius Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Euidastor pansa Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Euidopsis palaemon Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Eurysa atramentaria Linnavuori, 1973 Holotype Yes
(details)   Eurysa imatonga Linnavuori, 1973 Holotype Yes
(details)   Hapalomelus onytus Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Kelisia yarkonensis Linnavuori, 1962 Holotype Yes
(details)   Lanaphora bakeri Muir, 1915 Syntype No
(details)   Malaxodes parapaniscus Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Micreudes verres Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Neomalaxa flava Muir, 1917 Holotype Yes
(details)   Nilaparvata camilla Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Numata mani Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Numata parmenio Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes
(details)   Numathriambus biflagellatus Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Nychema afrocognata Asche, 1988 Holotype Yes
(details)   Nycheuma menuis Fennah, 1969 Holotype Yes

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