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Publications: Rob DeSalle

PublicationsRob DeSalle
Di Bonaventura MP, DeSalle R, Pop M, Nagarajan N, Figurski DH, Fine DH, Kaplan JB, Planet PJ. 2009. Complete genome sequence of Aggregatibacter (Haemophilus) aphrophilus NJ8700. Journal of Bacteriology 191(14):4693-4694.
Schierwater B, Kolokotronis SO, Eitel M, DeSalle R. (2009) The Diploblast-Bilateria Sister hypothesis: parallel evolution of a nervous system may have been a simple step. Communicative and Integrative Biology 2(5):1-3.
de la Torre-Bárcena JE, Kolokotronis SO, Lee EK, Stevenson DW, Brenner ED, Katari MS, Coruzzi GM, DeSalle R. (2009) The impact of outgroup choice and missing data on major seed plant phylogenetics using genome- wide EST data. PLoS ONE 4(6), e5764.
Schierwater B, Eitel M, Jakob W, Osigus HJ, Hadrys H, Dellaporta SL, Kolokotronis SO, DeSalle R. (2009) Concatenated analysis sheds light on early metazoan evolution and fuels a modern "urmetazoon" 
de Jong D, Eitel M, Jakob W, Osigus HJ, Hadrys H, DeSalle R, Schierwater B. (2009) Multiple Dicer genes in the early diverging Metazoa. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26(6):1333-1340.
Egan M, Lee EK, Chiu JC, Coruzzi G, DeSalle R. (2009) Gene orthology assessment with OrthologID. Methods in Molecular Biology 537:23-38. In: Bioinformatics for DNA Sequence Analysis. Posada D, editor. Humana Press.
Lienau EK, DeSalle R. (2009) Evidence, content and corroboration and the Tree of Life. Acta Biotheoretica 57(1-2):187-199.
Rosenfeld JA, Wang Z, Schones DE, Zhao K, DeSalle R, Zhang MQ. (2009) Determination of enriched histone modifications in non-genic portions of the human genome. BMC Genomics 10(1):143.
Garcia-España A, Mares R, Sun TT, DeSalle R. (2009) Intron evolution: testing hypotheses of intron evolution using the phylogenomics of tetraspanins. PLoS ONE 4(3):e4680.
Schierwater B, de Jong D, DeSalle R. (2009) Placozoa and the evolution of Metazoa and intrasomatic cell differentiation. International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology 41(2):370-379.
Lemke MJ, Lienau EK, Rothe J, Pagioro TA, Rosenfeld J, DeSalle R. (2009) Description of freshwater bacterial assemblages from the Upper Paraná river floodpulse system, Brazil. Microbial Ecology 57(1):
Chen Z, DeSalle R, Schiffman M, Herrero R, Burk RD. 2009. Evolutionary dynamics of variant genomes of human papillomavirus types 18, 45, and 97. Journal of Virology 83(3):1443-1455.
Ameida FC, DeSalle R. 2009. Orthology, function, and evolution of accessory gland proteins in the Drosophila repleta group. Genetics 181(1):235-245.
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