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Nadine Dupérré

Scientific Assistant
Phone: (212) 769-5100   Email: nduperre@amnh.org

Nadine Dupérré was born and raised in Montréal, Québec, Canada. After her undergraduate studies at University of Montréal in biology, she became a research assistant for Dr. Pierre Paquin, working on beetle biodiversity and ecology in Québec boreal forests. After three summers of pitfall, malaise trap and Berlese funnel extraction in the boreal forest, they collected more than 25 000 spiders. Seeing the difficulty in spider identification, they took in 1999, the famous spider class of Fred Coyle and Bill Shear in North Carolina.

Her passion for spiders and illustrations was launched. In 2003, she published with Pierre Paquin the “Guide d’identification des Araignées du Québec”, an identification guide to all species of spiders for the province of Québec. Subsequently, she worked as a self-employed arachnologist and illustrator for more than 10 years, doing contracts for various researchers and government agencies around the world. In 2005, she was the principal illustrator for the Spiders of North America, an identification guide to all spider families and genera for North America, and produced more than 2000 original taxonomic illustrations.
She started at the AMNH in 2008, as the scientific assistant of Dr. Norman Platnick. As such, she is working on the Planetary Biodiversity Inventory of the goblin spiders (family Oonopidae). She is in charge of sorting, data basing, imaging (photographs and scanning electron microscopy) and illustrations of various group of Oonopidae. She is currently co-author and illustrator for an up-coming book, “Key to the Spider of New Zealand: family key and species list”, and continues to work on her favorite groups of spiders: Linyphiidae, troglobitic spiders and the genus Cicurina.