»  Dr. Ron Clouse

Dr. Ron Clouse

Post-doctoral Researcher
Phone: (212) 313-7622   Email: rclouse@amnh.org

I am interested in invertebrate systematics, Indo-Pacific biogeography, molecular and morphometric phylogenetics, and the theory and methods of biogeographical analysis. Currently I am helping develop method for combined phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis, and I am investigating the ancient and recent history of different invertebrate groups. My main taxa of interest are the cyphophthalmid Opiliones (especially Stylocellidae and Metasiro americanus), other lesser-known arachnid orders, Hymenoptera (especially ants), and holothurians.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 2010
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Giribet Laboratory
Master of Science (M.S.), 1994
University of Florida, Gainesville
Department of Zoology
Brockmann Laboratory