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Publications Alejandro Grajales

Publications: Alejandro Grajales

Grajales, A., Aguilar, C., Sánchez J.A. (2007) Phylogenetic reconstruction using secondary structures of Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 (ITS2, rDNA): finding the molecular and morphological gap in Caribbean gorgonian corals. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2007, 7:90

Grajales, A and Sánchez J.A. (2006) Discharged nematocysts of Millepora alcicornis. Coral Reefs 25, (4): 671

González A., Sierra, R., Cárdenas, M.E., Grajales, A., Restrepo S., Cepero de G. M.C., Celis A. Atypical Tween 80 assimilation pattern of Malassezia furfur isolates in Colombia. Journal of Clinical Microbiology (in press).

Camargo C., Sánchez J.A., Maldonado J.H., Alvarado E., Moreno R., Manrique N,. Osorio J.D., Mogollón A., and Grajales-V A. Community involvement in management for maintaining coral reef resilience and biodiversity in southern Caribbean Marine Protected Areas. Biodiversity and conservation (in press).

Ceh, J. Grajales, A.. Allelopathic impacts of the phaeophyte Padina pavonia and inter- and intraspecific allelopathic impacts of fungiid corals on early coral larvallife stages. JEMBE (submitted)

Grajales, A. Sanchez, J.A. Holobiont assembling (Symbiodinium type + coral species) shapes community structure in Caribbean reefs. Molecular ecology (submitted)

Grajales, A. Sanchez, J.A. Symbiodinium spp. diversity survey in the Colombian reefs reveals a high proportion of polytypic associations among different cnidarian groups. (submitted)