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National Science Foundation Grant DEB-0843505: “Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, Behavior And Proteomics Of The Social Wasp Superorganisms (Hymenoptera: Vespidae; Vespinae)),” 2009-2012; Co-PI with Kurt Pickett and Bryan Baliff

Wasps of the subfamily Vespinae include the commonly known yellowjackets and hornets, and they exhibit societies that are the most sophisticated among social wasps. This project is a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis at the species level within the Vespinae, which combines morphological and molecular data along with cladistic treatment of variation in proteomic natural history. The aim is not only an hypothesis of the phylogenetic relationships among the species, but taxonomic revision, interpretation of the evolutionary history of social parasitism, and the socially-driven physiological division of labor within the subfamily.