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Hymenoptera Project

Wasp Nest

National Science Foundation Grant DBI-0446968: “Curation of the wasp nest collection of the American Museum of Natural History,” 2005-2008; Co-PI with Lisa Kronthal


National Science Foundation Grant DEB-0843505: “Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, Behavior And Proteomics Of The Social Wasp Superorganisms (Hymenoptera: Vespidae; Vespinae)),” 2009-2012; Co-PI with Kurt Pickett and Bryan Baliff


National Science Foundation Grant DEB-0542640: “Phylogeny of the New World Polistes (Hymenoptera: Vespidae; Polistinae, Polistes, Aphanilopterus) based on combined morphological, molecular and behavioral evidence,” 2006-2010; Co-PI with Kurt Pickett and Ward Wheeler


National Science Foundation Grant EF-0341708: “AToL: Collaborative research: Large-scale phylogeny of Hymenoptera,” 2003-2009; Co-PI with Michael Sharkey, John Heraty and Michael Engel

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