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Microbial Genomics

Microbial Genomics at SICG

Perkins Lab Publications

  • Martinsen, E. S., and S. L. Perkins. The diversity of Plasmodium and other haemosporidians: the intersection of taxonomy, phylogenetics, and genomics. In: Carlton, J. M., Deitsch, K., and Perkins, S. L. (Eds.), Comparative Genomics of Malaria Parasites. Horizon Press. [In press.]
  • Perkins, S. L., E. S. Martinsen, and B. G. Falk. 2011. Do molecules matter more than morphology? Promises and pitfalls in parasites. Parasitology 138:1664-1674.

About the Lab

The main research questions that my lab pursues are those concerning the taxonomy, systematics, comparative genomics, and biogeography of parasites.

Study systems

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