The following are the books for sale.

1. Index to the Collected Works of John Burroughs by William D. Perkins
Members $25, Non-members $30, Institutional $35

2. John Burroughs Signs & Seasons, Edited and with Critical Commentary by Jeff Walker
Members/Non-members $25.00

3. Sharp Eyes: John Burroughs and American Nature Writing by Charlott Zoe Walker
Members/Non-members $25.00

4. The Art of Seeing Things: Essays by John Burroughs, Edited by Charlotte Zoe Walker
Members/Non-members $25.00

5. A Post Card Portrait with Memorabilia of John Burroughs Literary Naturalist by Dorothy Unruh Bloodgood
Members/Non-members $11.95

6. A West Parker Remembers When by Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley
Members/Non-members $20.00

7. In The Catskills by John Burroughs
Members/Non-members $25.00

8. John Burroughs: Naturalist by Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley
Members/Non-members $20.00

9. Hudson River Memories by Julian Burroughs
Members/Non-members $10.00

10. John Burroughs' Slabsides by Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley
Members/Non-members $12.50 Out of stock

11. John Burroughs Granddaughther by Elizabeth Burroughs Kelly
Members/Non-mambers $10.00

12. Recollections of John Burroughs by Julian Burroughs, edited by Elizabeth Burroughs Kelly.
Members/Non-members $15.00

13. My Boyhood by John Burroughs.
Members/Non-members $15.00
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