Essay Award
Each year since 1993, the John Burroughs Association has selected an outstanding published natural history essay, with selection based on the work's content and literary value. An award of recognition is presented to the author of the selected essay at the Association's annual luncheon and awards ceremony held every April at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The following list presents the essay award winners to date.

• 2013, Robin Wall Kimmerer, "Council of the Pecans," Orion Magazine, (September/October 2013)

• 2012, Rick Bass, "The Larch", Orion, (September/October 2012)

• 2011, Brian Doyle, "The Creature Beyond the Mountains", Orion, (September/October 2011)

• 2010, Quinn, Jill Sisson , "Sign Here If You Exist", Ecotone, (Fall 2010)

• 2009, Sanders, Scott Russell, "Mind in the Forest", Orion, (November/December 2009)

• 2008, Smith, Mark A., "Animalcules and Other Little Subjects", Isotope (Fall/Winter 2008)

• 2007, Cokinos, Christopher, "The Consolations of Extinction", Orion (May/June 2007)

• 2006, Gessner, David, "Learning to Surf", Orion (March/April 2006)

• 2005, Lowry, Judith, "Birdsong Ripens Berries, Wind Brings the Seeds", Orion (May/June 2005)

• 2004. Kanze, Edward, "In Search of Something Lost", Adirondack Life (May/June, 2004)

• 2003. House, Freeman, "Afterlife", Orion (May/June, 2003)

• 2002. Lockwood, Jeff, "Voices from the Past", Orion -Twentieth Anniversary Issue (Summer, 2002)

• 2001. Smuts, Barbara, "Naturalist at Large: Coming Home", Natural History (October, 2001)

• 2000. Conniff, Richard, "So Tiny, so Mean", Smithsonian Magazine (September, 2000)

• 1999. Scott Russell Sanders, "Through the Eyes of a Hawk", Audubon (July-Aug. 1999)

• 1998. Kenneth Brower, "Let's Root for the Coot", Smithsonian (December 1998)

• 1997. Michael Pollan, "Building a Room of My Own", New York Times Magazine (February 9, 1997)

• 1996. Geerat Vermeij, "The Touch of a Shell", Discover (August, 1996)

• 1995. Gary Noel Ross, "Butterfly Wrangling in Louisiana", Natural History Magazine (May, 1995)

• 1994. John Daniel, "Toward Wild Heartlands", Audubon Magazine (Sept. 10, 1994)

• 1993. John Mitchell, "Greens", Sanctuary (Sept.-Oct., 1993)

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