»  1. Excavations of Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

1. Excavations of Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Marshall Saville, the first Curator of Mexican and Central American Archaeology at the AMNH (1894-1907), used the relatively new technology of the camera to great effect in documenting his excavations. A brief report of the Xoxocotlán excavations is available in American Anthropologist (1899, vol. 1, pages 350-362).

The Xoxocotlán collection is stored at the American Museum. It is currently being reanalyzed to place the results of Saville's work in the context of the past 100 years of Oaxaca archaeology. The full data set from Xoxocotlán is to be published in a forthcoming AMNH monograph.

Excavations of Xoxocotlán
Mound 1 from the principal mound group at Xoxocotlán
Mound 7 before excavation
A ceramic drainpipe inside Mound 7
Zapotec funeral urns near the entrance of Tomb 1, inside Mound 7
The entrance of Tomb 2, inside Mound 8
Excavation of Mound 9, Tomb 3
Carved stone lintel above the entrance of Tomb 3
Inside Tomb 3, after the ceramic offerings and human remains were removed